New short story: Sundays at the Unicorn Park

A year ago on Sunday my niece petted a unicorn at Costa Rica DisneyPlanet and died of anaphylactic shock while the unicorn's dark eyes watched in utter serenity. The rest on Adversarial Metanoia.

New short story: Three Moments from the History of the Exploration of the Solar System

The vampire secret space program was too rushed to fully erase Transylvania-born rocket pioneer Hermann Oberth from the history books, but they were able to disguise their Moon-bound launches in the chaos of WWII Eastern Europe. So strong were Von Braun's oaths of silence (or so deep his fear of what had been left behind) […]

New short story: The Human Touch

"That couch," observed the salesperson, "is twice as smart at being a couch than you are at being a person." The rest on Adversarial Metanoia.