New short story: Three Moments from the History of the Exploration of the Solar System

The vampire secret space program was too rushed to fully erase Transylvania-born rocket pioneer Hermann Oberth from the history books, but they were able to disguise their Moon-bound launches in the chaos of WWII Eastern Europe. So strong were Von Braun's oaths of silence (or so deep his fear of what had been left behind) that it took the Apollo program a handful of missions, and the sanity of more than one astronaut, before they accepted the message: the Moon was not for the living.

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New short story: The Human Touch

"That couch," observed the salesperson, "is twice as smart at being a couch than you are at being a person." The rest on Adversarial Metanoia.

New short story: But Do Mental Asylums Dream of Electric Seas?

Visiting my patients at the Navy Asylum was my favorite part of the week. Cyber-psychiatrists don't get many success stories, even if mine couldn't leave the asylum without risking a psychotic break. The rest on Adversarial Metanoia.