New short story: The Sleeping Hand

Twenty years after her Alzheimer diagnosis, the person who had been the third-richest on Earth still ran her company with ever-sharper attention to detail, her focus on business absolute, her ruthlessness indistinguishable from her younger days.

The rest on Adversarial Metanoia.

New short story: The Uncounted

How many people die every year of the Forever Virus? The rest on Adversarial Metanoia.

The ethical nonsense (and plutocratic convenience) of AI rights

Neither these robots nor these corporations are people. Other robots, in the future, I very much hope so. I can almost quote by heart that speech from Captain Picard, and don't get me started on how the Federation treats holographic AIs. But no current or near-term software, whether or not it's labelled as an "AI," […]