New short story: "Wordless Prayers of the Small Ones"

People thought it was a new, epidemic form of infantile agoraphobia, or at least it was good for advertising revenue to pretend so. But the way small children panicked in some places outside cities was as unexplainable for adults as it was for them, and almost equally scary for both.

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New short story: "The Poisonous Song of the Skies"

We saw it by accident. It wasn't the sort of extraterrestrial signal we had been looking for, nor the type of star we though it would come from. The rest on Adversarial Metanoia.

New short story: "Noontime Dawns"

You wait until the only sounds come from the environmental systems before using the stolen codes to leave your room. From now on, the best case scenario if you're found is a lifetime in a black site: journalists don't get much forgiveness for wandering through restricted research stations, even when they had been invited there […]