New short story: The Death-Baiters of the Worldwide Catastrophe Circuit

A man and a woman sat in a hotel room in a city haunted by death. The only noise coming through the window was the sarcastic — or so it sounded — instructions of the quarantine drones. They were in that city, on that night, on purpose. Ten thousand casualties had been predicted by the WHO for the year's headline virus, the smallest catastrophe where points could be scored.

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New short story: My Brother the Sensor

Whatever the Ministry finds in his weekly blood samples they will never share, but we've shared a room for the few years my little brother has been alive, and if his uneasy breathing worsened or improved I would notice at once. The health drone's visits are neither for him nor for us. His blood is […]

New short story: "Forensic Geology"

"It's an autopsy report on our country," I told my husband when he asked, but I didn't show him my files. The rest on Adversarial Metanoia.