New short story: The Frankenstein Society

You had thought them a laboratory legend, but now one of their agents was in yours, pointing a gun at you while another connected a laptop to the network holding the AI that was going to be your Turing Prize and IPO fortune. The rest on Adversarial Metanoia

New short story: Saints of the Scorched Earth

Decades of algorithmic CEO headhunting inevitably led to the evaluation of potential religious charisma at a very early age. The rest on Adversarial Metanoia.

New short story: The Sum of All Secrets

The first AI superspy was a failure. The only dangers it found were what billionaires, politicians, and would-be terrorists said they wanted to do. On Twitter and the Washington Post. On Reddit and national television. On Facebook and to cheering crowds. The rest on Adversarial Metanoia