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Wages, jobs, and unions in a world with AI (among other things)

I was quoted in an article in La Nación by Sebastián Campanario on the impact of artificial intelligence on wages and jobs, and positive and negative ways in which unions can respond to this. Original Spanish version here, and English translation here.

Applying machine learning to SEC filings to find anomalous companies

Contemporary machine learning algorithms are well-suited to the complex, high-dimensional data associated with accounting records. In this short note we apply a simple unsupervised algorithm to find anomalous companies — those with accounting metrics that don't match the statistical patterns implied by the bulk of the companies. To do this we leverage the SEC structured […]

Russia 1, Data Science 0

Both sides in the 2016 election had access to the best statistical models and databases money could buy. If Russian influence (which as far as we know involved little more than the well-timed dumping of not exactly military grade hacked information, plus some Twitter bots and Facebook ads) was at any level decisive, then it's […]