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Digital anamnesis and other crimes [short story]

A database is a tool for forgetting; it decays on command, faster than nightmares and more thoroughly than graves. That's why you copied your employers' databases the day the first Chinese aid workers flew in. All talk was of reconstructing India, the unburied bodies blamed on nothing worse than thirst and hunger, the burned villages […]

Short story: "On Agile Management as a Mechanism of Social Control"

No, for God's sake, it's not the Turing Police. They don't look for superhuman AIs, much less the sort that hires teams for convoluted transcension heists. I know that's what you wish we were working on, but they don't think they are any close to being feasible, and they would know. What they try to […]

Flash fic: Posthumous

The video of my murder had been viral for days. I could understand the initial error, as it was an uncommonly realistic fake; I preferred not to think about how enthusiastically people viewed and shared it even after the news had been debunked. I had watched it myself often enough to make its key moments […]