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New short story: The Death-Baiters of the Worldwide Catastrophe Circuit

A man and a woman sat in a hotel room in a city haunted by death. The only noise coming through the window was the sarcastic — or so it sounded — instructions of the quarantine drones. They were in that city, on that night, on purpose. Ten thousand casualties had been predicted by the […]

New short story: My Brother the Sensor

Whatever the Ministry finds in his weekly blood samples they will never share, but we've shared a room for the few years my little brother has been alive, and if his uneasy breathing worsened or improved I would notice at once. The health drone's visits are neither for him nor for us. His blood is […]

New short story: "Forensic Geology"

"It's an autopsy report on our country," I told my husband when he asked, but I didn't show him my files. The rest on Adversarial Metanoia.