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New short story: The Zoom Journals

Monday. Your connection has some issues: people seem to answer your comments slightly before you say them. You are too tired to think through how that works. Brief chit chat about a new vaccine trial. The rest on Adversarial Metanoia.

New short story: The Friendly Buildings

Scattered among the brutally degentrified neighborhoods of the former New City lie the Friendly Buildings, windows unbroken, cameras spry. When the Cloud burst and even fewer people could afford aspirationally smart architecture, the company managing them disappeared a puff of shells, and the no longer maintained embedded computers were taken over after a brief but […]

New short story: The barista who could disarm nuclear bombs

She didn't know she could, not having seen one during the week the skillware was in her glasses's software library. But the company that supplied Starbucks with barista-guiding software had military contracts for slightly different sorts of skill, and was not above their occasional misplacement. For the week that took them to find and fix […]