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New short story: "Blue, Grey, Red"

You don't switch off the union's AI overlay in your glasses because you're a bad cop. You're every bit as good as somebody call SofĂ­a Rodriguez would have to be to become and remain one in Arkansas - and you wouldn't want to forfeit the union's legal protection, which is tied to using their version […]

New short story - and short SF newsletter

As an experiment, I've started a very stochastically scheduled short SF email newsletter, Adversarial Metanoia. The first short posted, The Everett Arbitrage, is an uplifting story about science-based financial innovation, bold risk-management, and cartoon tuna cans.

Digital anamnesis and other crimes [short story]

A database is a tool for forgetting; it decays on command, faster than nightmares and more thoroughly than graves. That's why you copied your employers' databases the day the first Chinese aid workers flew in. All talk was of reconstructing India, the unburied bodies blamed on nothing worse than thirst and hunger, the burned villages […]