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Short story: Nanobots and the Teenage Brain

It took a while to diagnose Charlie's problems; what thirteen years old boy isn't moody? But once his parents suspected there was something else going on inside his head, doctors injected a swarm of machines so small they were practically very large drugs, and the machines showed them that, to Charlie's annoyance, his parents had […]

Short Story: The Voice of Things

She had liked the illustrated book so much much she told you right away she had prayed to get it for Christmas, alone in her bedroom where nobody but God could hear. You didn't mention her teddy bear had probably heard her and the toy company then sold the information to an advertiser who had […]

Short story: Soul in the Loop

Every shower she takes makes you more certain she will have killed herself before her daughter's tenth birthday, and these days she's taking one every time she logs off. You aren't allowed to tell her, but the NDA you made her sign has so many post-employment clauses she wouldn't be likely to find a job […]