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Smart cities are for refugees

There's very little difference between smart cities and modern occupied zones. Both postulate ubiquitous sensor coverage, continuous algorithmic vigilance, and the automated use of (ordnance) delivery drones. Neither, for different but obvious reasons, is what we need. The ethical and professional issues involved in urban design for military repression are clear. But the usual civilian […]

AIs are scapegoats and it's us who end up bleeding

No AI built today has anything remotely approaching consciousness or personhood; the unstable mess of a Windows operating system is structurally more life-like than any of them. So why the increasing focus on robot ethics? Imagine you're a big tech company or an advanced military. Your reputation as an ethical agent is rather awful, and […]

Using outcome-driven AI to avoid fake ROI traps

Businesses don't do data analytics because they are curious, they do it because the want results: to find levers in their own behavior that will change the outcomes in their favor. Yet most organizations aren't exploiting the data they have to the fullest; their data-driven culture is still plots-driven culture — data generates plots, and […]