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New short story: Algorithms of Mercy and Judgement

The General asked if I had ever listened to the program as it was begging for its life. The rest on Adversarial Metanoia.

New short story: Flesh Telemetry

At least I'm not going to fuck the mail drone on live video. The joke falls flat, and not just because your mom isn't there to hear it. She wouldn't have laughed anyway. She has never understood that biogging isn't porn, that you're just streaming your body metrics 24/7, and if that includes sleeping with […]

New short story: The Death-Baiters of the Worldwide Catastrophe Circuit

A man and a woman sat in a hotel room in a city haunted by death. The only noise coming through the window was the sarcastic — or so it sounded — instructions of the quarantine drones. They were in that city, on that night, on purpose. Ten thousand casualties had been predicted by the […]