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Quantitatively understanding your (and others') programming style

I'm not, in general, a fan of code metrics in the context of project management, but there's something to be said for looking quantitatively at the patterns in your code, specially if by comparing them with those of better programmers, you can get some hopefully useful ideas on how to improve. (As an aside, the […]

Hi, Hy!

Currently trying Hy as a drop-in replacement for Python in a toy project. It's interesting how much of the learning curve for Lisp goes away once you have access to an underlying runtime you're familiar with; the small stuff generates more friction than the large differences (which makes sense, as we do the small stuff […]

A thing I did

Timey-Wimey Stuff: Battles Edition Basically: you are shown two battles or conflicts, and have to say which one happened earliest. Ugly and not really that addictive, but I wanted to play with YAGO.