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Superman: The Last Son of Prague

Besides everything else, today Superman is an almost satirically strict exemplar of what a "good" immigrant has to look like: if you can pass as a white able-bodied heterosexual male, were raised in a small Kansas farm, got a prestigious job in a traditional professional field, and save the world two or a hundred times, […]

Cyber-weapons as a form of magic, and why we can't code our way to a safer internet

A "cyber-weapon" isn't a thing, but a skill. It's not an object you can blow up with a missile or send a UN team to inspect, but the technical knowledge of how to identify and exploit a set of systems, written clearly enough that a computer can do it. It's a recipe that can make […]

Wages, jobs, and unions in a world with AI (among other things)

I was quoted in an article in La Nación by Sebastián Campanario on the impact of artificial intelligence on wages and jobs, and positive and negative ways in which unions can respond to this. Original Spanish version here, and English translation here.