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2019 Should be the end of Big Attention

If your business or cultural strategy was based on attention at scale, the first years of the century felt great, as the leading Internet platforms offered the possibility of nearly limitless, precisely targeted traffic. Then came the troubles. The first one is economic. If you depend on traffic from any of the dominant platforms, you're […]

AI for Science and Management in 2019: You haven't seen disruption yet

For all of its explosive growth, AI still has to make deep roads in management (as opposed to operations) and theoretical science beyond data analysis. But both frontiers will be pushed back faster and further than most people think, and with unprecedented impact. The difficulty so far lies in the balance between the complexity of […]

The politics of crime-fighting software

Call it machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, or simply computational intelligence: countries are rushing to apply new technologies to combat crimes, but how they do so — and even what counts as crime — varies among them, and says much about their societies, priorities, and future. One one extreme of the arc of possibilities there's China. […]