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In self-referential news...

La Nación put up last week a short note on Big Data and creativity, including some quotes from (and an appropriately surrounded-by-doodles picture of) yours truly.

The nominalist trap in Big Data analysis

Nominalism, formerly the novelty of a few, wrote Jorge Luis Borges, today embraces all people; its victory is so vast and fundamental that its name is useless. Nobody declares himself nominalist because there is nobody who is anything else. He didn't go on to write This is why even successful Big Data projects often fail […]

By the way, about this year-long hiatus

(Not that this blog has or is meant to have any sort of ongoing readership, but if it'll be nice to leave some record for my future self — as a rule, your future self will never wish you had written less documentation.) In short, most of what I've been working on since late 2013 […]