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Using machine learning to read Sherlock Holmes

A while ago I posted about how to use machine learning to understand brand semantics by mining Twitter data — not just to count mentions, but to map the similitudes and differences in how people think about them. But individual tweets are brief snapshots, just a few words written and posted in an instant of […]

Posted elsewhere: another look at traffic accidents on La Nación Data, and a short story

Made a post on La Nación Data, elaborating a bit on an interesting post they made before about traffic accident death statistics in Argentina. Also, I just posted The Long Game, a perhaps depressing story about chess, AI, and what it means to just be the best human player in the world.

A first look at phrase length distribution

Here's a sentence length vs. frequency distribution graph for Chesterton, Poe, and Swift, plus Time of Punishment. A few observations: Take everything with a grain of salt. There are features here that might be artifacts of parsing and so on. That said, it's interesting that Poe seems to fancy short interjections more than Chesterton does […]