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In very nice-slash-surprising news...

The people of SETUP made a very cool exhibition for Dutch Design Week on IoT (in)security, throwing in a couple of references to my The price of the Internet of Things will be a vague dread of a malicious world. The projects exhibited look very interesting, and appropriately unsettling in their near-familiarity.

What places do we know the most about?

Datasthesia just posted online photos of a 3D printed map of geotagged Wikipedia articles, based on map from the Oxford Internet Institute.

At the End of the World

As the seas rose and the deserts grew, the wealthiest families and the most necessary crops moved poleward, seeking survivable summers and fertile soils. I traveled to the coast and slowly made my way towards the Equator; as a genetics engineer I was well-employed, if not one of the super-rich, but keeping our old ecosystems […]